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But it's cheaper there?!

Why do Medical Aesthetic Clinics Offer Varying Prices?"

We don't do cheap. PRP IV Therapy BOTOX Dysport

In the world of medical aesthetics, it's not uncommon to notice a significant difference in pricing for services such as PRP/PRF, IV Therapy, or BOTOX treatments. Just this week we had someone approach us about PRP treatments that were discounted significantly at a clinic in Windsor. So it was the perfect time to once again write a blog on this topic.

While large price differences might seem odd at first glance, there are numerous factors contributing to this variation in prices across different clinics. It's similar to when we get a cut and colour for our hair, going to a chain or department store, vs a local well known stylist will result in significant prices differences for many valid reasons.

Let's delve into some key reasons behind these differences:

1. Seasonal Sales or Promotions: Clinics often leverage holidays or special occasions to roll out enticing discounts and promotions. These offers serve not only to attract new clients but also to get clients that having visited in a while to book another appointment. It increases foot traffic and gets people acquainted with the team and clinic's services.

2. Product Shelf Life: Particularly with products like injectibles, there's a finite shelf life. Ie IV Therapy or BOTOX products don't last forever. Clinics may reduce prices on certain treatments if there's a surplus of product nearing expiration, aiming to minimize wastage and optimize inventory management.

3. Product Quality Disparity: Price differentials can also stem from variations in product quality. From PRP kits to injectibles, not all products are created equal. Some clinics may opt for lower-cost, albeit potentially inferior, products to offer competitive pricing. Back to our hair stylist example, hair dye can vary in quality, so can tools like hair dryers and straighteners. When it comes to injectibles, our clinic uses premium quality products and tools and does not sacrifice your safety with inferior products.

4. Specialists vs. Generalists: The expertise of the practitioners can influence pricing. Clinics with specialized medical professionals may command higher fees due to their advanced skills and specialized knowledge in specific treatments. Many clinics offer a large menu and suite of products and services. This is great if you're looking for a one stop shop for many treatments (ie. laser, lashes, body contouring etc). We are specialists, focusing on injectibles (PRP, Injectibles for face, IV Therapy) allows us to do a few things REALLY well, vs being mediocre at many things.

5. Full-time vs. Part-time Practitioners: The availability and commitment level of practitioners can impact pricing. Full-time practitioners who dedicate themselves exclusively to medical aesthetics may set higher prices compared to part-time practitioners.
Many Nurse injectors are part time injectors and have full time or other employment. Would you prefer to be injected with medical products by someone who is part time in the industry or full devoted to their craft and your safety?

6. Specialty Services: Clinics offering niche or specialized services may justify higher prices due to the uniqueness and expertise required for such treatments. We aren't generalists offering long lists of services. Our clients visit us because we are experts in our craft.

7. Nursing Experience: The experience and qualifications of nursing staff can influence pricing. Clinics with highly experienced and skilled nurses may charge more for their services. We have a combined 50+ years experience in nursing, 7 combined post secondary degrees and 2 full time injectors.

8. Direct Access to Injector and Nurse: Some clients value direct access to the medical professionals administering their treatments. Clinics that prioritize this personalized approach may set prices accordingly to reflect the added convenience and assurance it offers. Our clients get direct access to their injector during business hours. No gatekeepers.

While price is undoubtedly a crucial factor, it's equally important to consider the reputation, expertise, and quality of care provided by the clinic to ensure a safe and satisfactory experience. After all this isn't a matter of chasing a sale or getting a "deal", your practitioner will be performing a medical procedure for you, is cheaper really better when you're getting injected?


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