ANXIETY about Aesthetic procedures is a common concern, that's why we designed our treatment plans so that your comfort comes first.

Elev8 Aesthetic Medicine is a Nurse led Clinic. Our lead Injector is a REGISTERED NURSE with 20 years of experience in treating clients with their own MENTAL HEALTH challenges; she has identified key COPING STRATEGIES in CALMING your nerves during your treatment process

1. GET INFORMED: We have done your research for you and will provide you with information about the procedure you are considering. This can help you feel more confident and less anxious about what to expect.

2. COMMUNICATE: Our Nurses are available throughout your ELEV8 experience to answer your questions and discuss your concerns. A Nurse will be able to provide you with information and reassurance before, during and after your procedure.

3. THERAPEUTIC STRATEGIES: We identify and provide you with clinically proven strategies such as distraction hand massage tools that will enable you to cope and enjoy your treatment.

4. RELAXATION: Our Nurses encourage deep breathing, guided meditation and music to help help calm your mind and reduce stress and anxiety. We'll be next to you for the entire procedure, providing you with the support you need for the procedure.

5. BEST-FRIENDS: We invite and encourage you to bring friends, family, support person or fury friend to your procedure. They can be a great source for emotional support and some fun so you can feel trust around you, and they can help you feel less alone and more confident about your treatment .

6. PLAN: We make a plan for what you will do before and after the procedure to help you feel more in control. For example, you may plan to listen to music or a podcast to distract yourself after the procedure.

Let's do this.