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Over 200+ PRP Treatments Performed! WOW!

We are proud to have successfully completed over 200+ PRP treatments!

As Elev8 Aesthetic Medicine Inc nears its 2nd anniversary, we are proud to look back and reflect on the hundreds of amazing clients who have trusted us with their PRP Hair and PRP skin treatments.

The journey so far has been incredible. During this short time, we've upgraded technology and changed our centrifuges 3 times, and refined our approach to be a leading provider of PRP procedures in the region.

As you research hair loss treatments, or ways to rejuvenate your skin, we've provided a TOP TEN list of things to look out for and to ask your injector/provider. Remember, it's not always about the cost. As the saying often goes,"good trades aren't cheap & cheap trades aren't good", and that often rings true for PRP and Medical Aesthetic Treatments.

  1. How many procedures has your injector performed specifically for PRP Hair/Skin? Ask for actual pictures and be sure they aren't stock photos.

  2. Will your injector meet with you (in person or zoom) to discuss your situation and create a custom care plan for you? Determining if you're a candidate for the procedure is important. You shouldn't feel pressured to make an on the spot decision for any medical procedure.

  3. How many IV Blood draws have they performed? Who will draw the blood and how comfortable are they with that procedure? Drawing blood for the PRP process is the first step where things can go wrong. Failed draws and bruising are common mistakes with lack of experience.

  4. The number of procedures performed is also key to ensure the injector has the proper injection technique. Poor technique could result in uneven distribution of the PRP or inadequate coverage of the scalp area being treated.

  5. When you visit the facility, keep an eye out for cleanliness. Also be sure that all packaging for the PRP kits and syringes are opened in your presence. You also want your injector to change needles as needed. If they aren't swapped out soon enough, the procedure can be more painful than it needs to be.

  6. What type of Centrifuge are they using? There are several on the market and some provide more plasma than others. And on top of that, an inexperienced provider can easily make mistakes in the Preparation of PRP: simple mistakes could potentially reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

  7. Ask them if PRP is the best solution for you, or if there are other recommended options. PRP isn't for everyone, so gauging suitability from a reputable and experienced provider is key. If the healthcare provider fails to properly assess and address underlying factors contributing to hair loss, such as hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, or scalp conditions, the PRP therapy may not produce the desired results. A reputable practitioner won't be afraid to say you're not a candidate.

  8. Will they provide you with detailed Follow-up Care instructions as well as an in-person consult if requested? Inadequate post-procedure care, including failure to provide appropriate instructions for aftercare or to schedule follow-up appointments, could compromise the effectiveness of the treatment and increase the risk of complications.

  9. Ask for testimonials and what to realistically expect. Over promising Results or Misleading or exaggerated claims about the efficacy of PRP therapy for hair loss could lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointment if the results do not meet your expectations. Remember to ask for actual client photos and not stock photography!

  10. Did your injector send you information on medical consent? It's crucial for healthcare providers to fully inform patients about the potential risks, benefits, and limitations of PRP therapy for hair loss and to obtain their informed consent before proceeding with the procedure.


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